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Purchasing Products in the IKE Online Store

Ordering a product from IKE Software's online store is a simple, step-by-step process that allows you to quickly and easily make a purchase. In this section, we provide additional information that addresses some common questions about the store.

  Placing an Order

1. Q: Do you accept purchase orders, cheques or money orders?
A: Currently, our online store accepts credit card orders only. Contact our sales team if you need to make alternative arrangements.

2. Q: Do you provide support for localized currency payments?
A: Yes. Prices are made available in the following currencies: Australian Dollar, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Danish Krone, Euro, Hong Kong Dollar, Japanese Yen, New Zealand Dollar, Norwegian Krone, South African Rand, Singapore Dollar, Sweden Krona, Swiss Franc and US Dollars.

3. Q: Do you accept orders by phone or fax?
A: Yes. For all inquiries regarding purchase orders, cheques, money orders and other methods of payment, please contact our sales team.

4. Q: Do you provide site licenses and network versions of your products?
A: Yes. Site licenses and network versions of our products can be purchased in the online store. Contact our sales team if you have any specific requirements.

5. Q: Do you support bulk orders of your products?
A: Yes. Bulk orders can be purchased for electronic downloads and CD-ROMs at discounted rates for qualified corporate, educational, government and charitable organizations by contacing our sales team to determine pricing and to make arrangements for delivery.

6. Q: Is there a minimum number of items required for bulk orders?
A: No. However, discounts and delivery rates are subject to volume.

  Shipping & Handling

1. Q: How long do CD-ROM deliveries take for shipping?
A: Orders within the United States are shipped via First Class Mail and usually take 3-4 business days. Orders for all other destinations are shipped via Air Mail and typically takes 4-7 business days. However, please allow 3 weeks for delivery to U.S. addresses and 4 weeks for delivery to all other destinations.

2. Q: My CD-ROM shipment hasn't arrived after the estimated time. What should I do?
A: If you have allowed for 3-4 weeks from the time of shipment and still not received your order, please contact our sales support team.

3. Q: Is it possible to have a CD-ROM delivery expedited by courier?
A: Yes. Please contact our sales team to determine the cost and to make arrangements for delivery.

4. Q: Is it possible to download a product if I purchased the software on CD-ROM?
A: Yes - under certain circumstances. Contact our sales team for additional information.

5. Q: The CD-ROM I received was defective. Can I get a replacement disc?
A: Yes. Please contact our sales support team so that we can make arrangements to ship you another disc.

6. Q: For items that are shipped, when is my credit card processed?
A: Your card is not charged for shipped goods until they are actually shipped or the order is fulfilled. At that time, you will be notified by e-mail that your purchase is en route and your card will be charged accordingly. If there are shipping and non-shipping items on the same order, your card is not charged until the entire order is fulfilled.

  After Purchase Services

Once a purchase has been made, our customers frequently need to retrieve a record of their order. Our After Purchase Services site allows you to quickly and easily do the following:
  • Print a receipt of your order
  • Re-download products purchased from our online store
  • Request serial numbers
  • Report accidental duplicate orders
  • Report changes in your personal information
  • Access your order history
  • Request purchase process information
Please note: to use these services you will need to know the e-mail address that you used when placing your order.

1. Q: I no longer have the e-mail account that was used to make my purchase. Can it be changed?
A: Yes. Contact our sales support team for additional information.

2. Q: I can't remember the e-mail address that was used to make my purchase. Can you look it up for me?
A: Yes. Contact our sales support team for additional information.

  Security & Privacy

1. Q: Is it safe to make purchases through your online store?
A: Yes. All transactions through our system are protected with an extremely high level of encryption provided through a partnership with Thawte. And, for greater security, we do not store your credit card numbers.

2. Q: What is your privacy policy?
A: Customers who make purchases through our system are shopping on a secure server, which encrypts all of their personal information including name, address and credit card number. Encryption ensures that no one can access or use personal information in an unauthorized manner. This system is licensed by the TRUSTe Privacy Program. TRUSTe is an independent, non-profit organization whose mission is to build users' trust and confidence in the Internet by promoting the use of fair information practices.

If you require assistance for an issue that is not covered in this information, please feel free to contact us.

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Ordering by phone or fax
If you prefer to make your purchase by telephone or FAX, please contact our sales team.

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