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Copyright Information
IKE Software maintains a 'fair use' policy regarding the applications that we develop, particularly with respect to artwork and intellectual property that is designed or derived using our software. Terms of compliance with this policy are outlined in sections 3.2 and 3.3 of the End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) that is included with each of our products.

As an end user, you are entitled and encouraged to use our products for your personal enjoyment, providing that you do not use the product for unlawful purposes or sell and/or distribute any of the materials included with the product. This includes, but is not limited to, the original artwork that is bundled with each application.

If you are interested in including a piece of original artwork from one of our products as part of a promotion or item that is to be distributed or sold, you must receive written permission from IKE Software. Original artwork that you create or derive through the use of our products can be used and freely distributed at your discretion, as long as you comply with the terms stipulated in the EULA.

OEM Licensing Opportunities
IKE Software frequently partners with software publishers, hardware manufacturers and distributors to provide custom implementations and localized versions of our software titles. These arrangements have resulted in the development of versions of our products for markets in which French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish and Japanese are the predominant languages. If you have a proposal for an OEM bundling opportunity or a custom implementation in mind, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Site Licensing and Network Versions of our Products
IKE Software provides a convenient system for purchasing site licenses and versions of our products that are to be used in a networked environment.

Site licenses are typically designed for environments where multiple users wish to use the software on independent computers, while network versions of our software allow administrators to install and operate our applications within a shared system. Site licenses include one CD-ROM for each user, while network versions of our titles are distributed on a single CD-ROM with a license to use the application on a specific number of workstations. Electronic downloads of site licenses and network versions of products are also available, but do not include any media.

Orders for Non-Profit Organizations, Government Agencies and Schools
IKE Software accepts purchase orders by fax or mail for qualified institutions. Terms are NET 30 days on all orders and payment may be remitted by cheque, money order or through a PayPal account transfer.

We also offer a unique 'Take Home' extended licensing policy that allows administrators to issue legal copies of our software at discount rates so that staff, students and members of organizations can use the applications at home.

For volume discounts and shipping rates not listed in our catalog, please contact our sales team.

We invite you to contact us for additional information on copyright considerations, OEM opportunities and other licensing arrangements.
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Multi-user Licenses
Need a site license or network version of our software for use in your organization or institution? Contact our sales team for pricing and to make arrangements for delivery.

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